Scrum Master Professional Certificate (SMPC)® – Virtual

The participant will be able to obtain the SMPC® international certification, having understood fundamental aspects of the agile culture and all the details of the Scrum Framework. The course is taught, live, by a staff of international teachers. Includes case studies and exam simulator.

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Scrum Master Professional Certificate (SMPC)® – Virtual


⦁ Provides all the information needed to obtain SMPC® certifications.
⦁ Includes international exam.
⦁ The student can access the platform for a period of 60 days.
⦁ Includes exam simulator
⦁ Provides case studies, dynamics and questionnaires.

The course covers the topics necessary for the participant to take the international certification exam (Scrum Master Professional Certificate)®, included in the proposal.
From the PMLA Online Educational Platform, all the material, dynamics, study cases, class questions and exam simulators are provided.


Value proposal

The speed with which technological change occurs has created business environments characterized by an abundance of value propositions that are updated very quickly and try to satisfy the changing desires of each client. To respond to this challenge, organizations are strongly adopting methodologies with agile approaches, since traditional predictive methodologies are not usually efficient in environments of change and uncertainty.
The preparation course for the Scrum Master Professional Certificate Certification, gives participants a clear idea of ​​the Agile work culture and the Scrum framework, so that they can learn about its main processes, tools, roles, responsibilities and work dynamics and obtain the international SMPC® certification.
PMLA is an organization that has achieved rigorous standards of quality and effectiveness in the delivery of its training courses.
The course is taught by leading professionals from Uruguay, Costa Rica, Argentina, Peru and Paraguay. All are SMPC® and PMP® certified and have over ten years of project management experience using both traditional and agile methodologies


Who is this course for?

Product managers, R&D team leaders and members, project leaders, project management team members, area leaders and work team leaders. It is also useful for managers and middle managers who are leading organizational changes in the companies they work for.


Work methodology

The participant from the safety and comfort of his home, will be able through a specific videoconferencing tool for such purposes, to participate in classes where the teacher will present the course material, dynamics and will interact with the students directly, in a similar way to a classroom course.


Thematic summary

⦁ Introduction to agile approaches
⦁ When and why agile approaches?
⦁ Manifesto and Agile Principles
⦁ Values ​​and Pillars of Scrum
⦁ Cinefyn Framework – Domain Types
⦁ Elements of the Scrum framework
⦁ Roles, Responsibilities and Interaction
⦁ Business Justification
⦁ Artifacts of Scrum
⦁ Product Backlog
⦁ Sprint Backlogs
⦁ Product Increase
⦁ Scrum Events
⦁ Daily Scrum
⦁ Sprint Review
⦁ Retrospective
⦁ Refinement of the Product Backlog
⦁ Evolutionary Development
⦁ User Story
⦁ Agile Estimates
⦁ Customer request
⦁ Project Vision Statement
⦁ kick-off
⦁ Agile Inception


Materials included in the course

Students will have access to the PMLA Online Educational Platform (PMLA Learning Platform), where they will be able to obtain the materials that the teacher exposes in class, as well as the dynamics, case studies, class questions and the exam simulator.
They will also be able to access The Definitive Guide to Scrum.


Certification exam

The course includes the international certification exam, which is guaranteed by CertiProf® international, the governing organization of this certification.


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