Kanban Method Qualified (KMQ)® – Virtual

The participant will be able to obtain the KMQ® international certification, having understood a Method that will have a high impact on your organization and will help you define, manage and improve the services you develop and deliver to your clients. The course is taught, live, by a staff of international teachers. Includes case studies and exam simulators.

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Kanban Method Qualified (KMQ)® – Virtual


⦁ Provides all the necessary information to obtain the KMQ® certification.
⦁ Includes international exam.
⦁ The student will be able to access the platform for a period of six months.
⦁ Includes exam simulator (2 attempts).
⦁ Provides case studies, dynamics and questionnaires.


Value proposal

The current business context requires reducing the time in which the organization is capable of developing ideas and launching them to the market (“time to market”), with high levels of productivity, while requiring high degrees of attention and motivation from the employees. work teams.

The demands in terms of innovation and speed often generate stressed teams, work overload, delivery delays and quality problems, among others.

The course is designed for participants to learn a method that will have a high impact on their organizations and will help them define, manage and improve the services they develop and deliver to their clients.

The course is taught by outstanding professionals from Uruguay, Costa Rica, Peru and Paraguay. They are all certified and have more than ten years of experience in project management with both traditional and agile methodologies.


Who is this course for?

Executives who seek their continuous professional development by acquiring the fundamental knowledge and skills to lead the organizations of which they are a part.

People who seek to obtain international recognition that will help them enhance their professional career.


Work methodology

The participant from the safety and comfort of his home or office will be able, through a specific videoconferencing tool for such purposes, to participate in classes where the teacher will present the course material, dynamics and interact with the students directly, in a similar way. to a face-to-face course.


thematic summary

  1. Introduction
    ⦁ Origin and context
    ⦁ What is the method
    ⦁ Purpose of the method
    ⦁ When to use it
    ⦁ Micro cases
  2. Basics
    ⦁ Values
    ⦁ Principles
    ⦁ Internships
    ⦁ Micro cases
  3. Accessories for operation
    ⦁ Roles
    ⦁ Responsibilities
    ⦁ Ceremonies
    ⦁ KPIs
    ⦁ Micro cases
  4. Implementation – Case Method
    ⦁ Define goals
    ⦁ Identify the flow
    ⦁ Classify work
    ⦁ Analyze demand
  5. Implementation – Case Method
    ⦁ Limit work in progress
    ⦁ Make upstream and downstream deals
    ⦁ Create the kanban board and explain policies⦁ Implementation – Case method
    ⦁ Define KPIs
    ⦁ Define tracking
    ⦁ Define retrospective



The course lasts 16 hours in live virtual sessions and activities on the PMLA Educational Platform.

Materials included in the course

Students will have access to the PMLA Online Educational Platform (PMLA Learning Platform), where they will find the Kanban Guide, the materials that the teacher exposes in class, dynamics, case studies, class questions and exam simulator.


Certification exam

The course includes the Kanban Method Qualified (KMQ)® international certification exam.


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