The PMP® Body of Knowledge Application in MS Project® – On Demand

The participant will be able to manage real projects using MS Project. The course starts from the real problems faced by Project Managers, when modeling their projects and monitoring & controlling them, and then tells them how to solve them, using the tool.

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The PMP® Body of Knowledge Application in MS Project® – On Demand


⦁ 18 short videos
⦁ Includes self-examination and Certification
⦁ The student manages his time.
⦁ Allows you to watch the videos from any device and place.
⦁ Provides a status of the progress of the course at all times.
⦁ Provides all the necessary information to obtain the PMP® certification
⦁ The student can access the platform for a period of 60 days.


Value proposal

The Application of the PMP® Methodology in MS Project is a course designed to help executives manage Real Projects. In the course we do not start from the buttons that MS Project has and then explain them, on the contrary, we start from the real problems that Project Managers face when modeling their projects and monitoring and controlling them and then indicate how solve them, using the tool. The training was designed and produced for online education. Each of the 18 videos provides students with many years of accumulated experience. Each video aims to teach a specific topic of high interest to the participant, these are short recordings, through which the expert shows in the system, what steps must be taken to model and control the project.


Who is this course for?

Project Managers and members of the Management Team, Functional Managers, Managers and Supervisors who seek to substantially improve the way they plan and control their projects.


The objective of the course

Generate a real positive impact in the projects led by the executives who carry out the training.

What knowledge is expected at the end of the course

Completely model the project, in MS Project creating a plan that reflects how the project should be carried out in terms of schedule, scope and budget.
Update the plan with project progress information, reflect the status and generate forecasts based on the information available at the time of project update.
Have key monitoring and control indicators that provide full visibility in relation to project performance.



⦁ Module I: Introduction
⦁ Module II: Project Name and Template Creation
⦁ Module III: Project Calendar
⦁ Module IV: Structures and Good Practices
⦁ Module V: Task Sequencing
⦁ Module VI: Definition and Allocation of Resources
⦁ Module VII: Types of Tasks – Effort and Duration
⦁ Module VIII: Schedule and Baseline
⦁ Module IX: Project Update
⦁ Module X: Key Monitoring Indicators


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