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    Asistente Virtual

    This is SofIA, our friendly virtual assistant that integrates into the daily moments of people’s lives. SofIa will understand everything you say and will even react accordingly! This is the showcase of the Latin American award-winning interface. A milestone in Uruguayan Fintech innovation!


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    Banking Accelerator

    Framework developed and implemented by Axxon Consulting that accelerates the production of Business Solutions for Financial Services covering the areas of Customers, Sales, Services and Products, taking advantage of the inherent capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform and Power Platform.

    Por Axxon

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    DoMUS is the Document Management Solution of Arnaldo C. Castro S.A. that helps Banks, Financial Institutions and other Organizations to optimize the integral management of their documentation.

    It allows, through several digitalization mechanisms, the administration of Clients and Human Resources Folders, Checks, Signatures and any other relevant documents for the Institution, in an efficient, centralized and safe way.


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    Doxee Pvideo

    With Doxee Pvideo®, you personalized video content including animations with customer-specific text, imagery and audio. Personalize the scene sequence depending on customer profile. Or use our unique ‘User-directed Storytelling’ where customers are in control.

    Por Doxee

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    ENAXIS is a collaborative software that provides technological support for integrated ISO and GMP management systems, among other internationally recognized and used regulatory frameworks. It is a highly usable web application, compatible with all browsers, customizable for each client, multilanguage, highly configurable and integrable with other systems. ENAXIS makes it possible to speed up times and improve the processes of Document Management, Audits, Strategic Management, Projects, Findings and Complaints, among others. The traceability is guaranteed through an Audit Trail, providing information transparency and visibility.

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    OnBase is an ECM / document management solution that streamlines processes at the department level, yet has the ability to easily scale across the bank. It has the ability to integrate with important systems for the bank, as well as with any new technology.

    It meets ECM requirements, in addition to having functionality that far exceeds the standard of other ECMs. OnBase also provides case management, business process management (BPM) and capture technologies on the same platform, which can be extended with File Synchronization and Sharing Solution ShareBase. The OnBase platform can be integrated with an existing environment, deployed for use on mobile devices, and available either on-premises or in the cloud.