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    Akiro DevOps CI/CD

    The Akiro Product is a CI / CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery) solution whose main functionality is to allow, in an agile and secure way, the management, standardization and automation of software development processes in the Low-Code development platform environment GeneXus.

    Akiro is the perfect tool for Bantotal Banking Core Software.

    Akiro’s functionalities and benefits are intensified and enhanced when it is developed in the Bantotal environment, allowing the administration y automatization of the software creation and updating process.


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    Azure Synapse DevOps

    Azure DevOps is a set of tools and services that help you manage your software development projects in all their phases.

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    Clarive is the end-to-end DevOps platform to accelerate your continuous delivery and automate every step in your delivery process between Bantotal and their client, being able to keep total traceability of your changes through the lifecycle.


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    Dogotools is a tool that allows you to manage, administer, transfer and control differences related to data and programs.

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    RedHat OpenShift

    RedHat OpenShift is the leading platform for containers orchestration for Enterprise; based on Kubernetes and with a variety of resources to simplify the deployment, administration and monitoring of productive workloads, including all necessary tools for DevOps implementations.
    The adoption of Containers on the RedHat OpenShift platform on IBM Cloud seeks to transform and modernize the solutions that Bantotal offers to its clients, providing a flexible and dynamic solution on a hybrid cloud environment.

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