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    K2B Enterprise – Financial Sector

    A management solution designed especially for the Financial Sector.

    Strengthen your financial institution with a full management system that allows you to obtain greater efficiency from your administrative, financial and accounting processes.

    Automating certain management processes will greatly facilitate control and decision-making; covering the entire administrative, financial and accounting process, from the registration of the request for materials or services to its payment.

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    DoMUS is the Document Management Solution of Arnaldo C. Castro S.A. that helps Banks, Financial Institutions and other Organizations to optimize the integral management of their documentation.

    It allows, through several digitalization mechanisms, the administration of Clients and Human Resources Folders, Checks, Signatures and any other relevant documents for the Institution, in an efficient, centralized and safe way.


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    FINARGY is a collaborative financial platform that allows a consortium or group of Financial Entities to reduce operating costs, increase market coverage and maximize customer experience.

    FINARGY enables Financial Entities to collaborate for KYC, Scoring, Document Notarization processes and, in turn, attract new customers to the ecosystem through a financial products Marketplace.


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    OnBase is an ECM / document management solution that streamlines processes at the department level, yet has the ability to easily scale across the bank. It has the ability to integrate with important systems for the bank, as well as with any new technology.

    It meets ECM requirements, in addition to having functionality that far exceeds the standard of other ECMs. OnBase also provides case management, business process management (BPM) and capture technologies on the same platform, which can be extended with File Synchronization and Sharing Solution ShareBase. The OnBase platform can be integrated with an existing environment, deployed for use on mobile devices, and available either on-premises or in the cloud.

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    Qliktotal is a self-service Business Analytics specially designed for Bantotal, that allows users to quickly visualize current performance of main business indicators to increase decision making agility.


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    SoftBotic offers business process automation products and services through RPA Robots under UiPath and Artificial Intelligence platform, trained to execute tasks in computer systems with great precision and speed, efficiency and productivity, generating great savings for financial institutions, thus restructuring the workforce towards a comprehensive strategy of digital transformation.


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    TDA is an analytical tool that allows the creation of personalized reports and dynamic tables in an easy, fast and organized way.

    You will be able to extract and exploit your data to view them at any time and from anywhere.