Design Thinking Professional Certificate (DTPC)® – Virtual

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The participant will be able to obtain the international DTPC® certification, having understood fundamental aspects of the methodology used by the main organizations included in the S&P 500 to develop new products. The course is taught, live, by a staff of international teachers. Includes case studies and exam simulator.

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Design Thinking Professional Certificate (DTPC)® – Virtual
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⦁ Provides all the information needed to obtain DTPC® certifications.
⦁ Includes international exam.
⦁ The student can access the platform for a period of 60 days.
⦁ Includes exam simulator
⦁ Provides case studies, dynamics and questionnaires.


Value proposal

Design Thinking is a very powerful methodology for new product development. His approach is centered on people and their needs. This methodology encompasses and integrates concepts such as the development of concepts, creativity applied to design, assembly of prototypes and experimentation, making it possible to considerably increase the degree of innovation in the business.
This methodology is applied by the main companies of the S&P 500 index.
The preparation course for the Certification in Design Thinking Professional Certificate will help you to know the importance of Design Thinking and you will learn to apply this methodology in different innovation projects.
This course will give you a detailed understanding of the key concepts and definitions to improve your interaction with the user experience through a step-by-step process. Through it you will learn to choose the problem, propose creative solutions practicing the phases of Design Thinking and obtain the international DTPC® certification.
It is focused on those who seek to expand their knowledge in Design Thinking and want to have a high impact on their organization and help it improve its innovation processes.
The course is taught by leading certified professionals in DTPC®, SMPC® and PMP® and have more than ten years of experience in project management with both waterfall and agile methodologies.


Who is this course for?

Product managers, R&D team leaders and members, project leaders, project management team members, area leaders and work team leaders. It is also useful for managers and middle managers who are leading organizational changes in the companies they work for.

Work methodology

The participant, from the safety and comfort of his home, will be able to participate, through a specific videoconferencing tool for such purposes, in virtual sessions where the teacher will present the course material and dynamics and interact with the students directly, in a similar way. to a face-to-face course.


Thematic summary

⦁ What is innovation?
⦁ Digital age.
⦁ Connections with Design Thinking.
⦁ What is Design Thinking?
⦁ Characteristics of Design Thinking
⦁ Phases of Design Thinking
⦁ Empathy mapping
⦁ Map of actors
⦁ Person Method
⦁ Journey maps and other techniques to empathize
⦁ Point of View (POV)
⦁ Mind Mapping
⦁ Critical reading checklist
⦁ Affinity Diagrams
⦁ Brainstorming & Reverse Brainstorming
⦁ Scamper
⦁ What If
⦁ Brain Dump
⦁ Prioritization techniques
⦁ Storyboard techniques
⦁ Focus Group Techniques
⦁ User tests


Materials included in the course

Students will have access to the PMLA Online Educational Platform, where they will be able to obtain the materials that the teacher exposes in class, as well as the dynamics, case studies, class questions and the exam simulator.

Certification exam

The course includes the international certification exam, guaranteed by CertiProf®, the governing organization of this certification and of which we are global partners.


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