OnBase is an ECM / document management solution that streamlines processes at the department level, yet has the ability to easily scale across the bank. It has the ability to integrate with important systems for the bank, as well as with any new technology.

It meets ECM requirements, in addition to having functionality that far exceeds the standard of other ECMs. OnBase also provides case management, business process management (BPM) and capture technologies on the same platform, which can be extended with File Synchronization and Sharing Solution ShareBase. The OnBase platform can be integrated with an existing environment, deployed for use on mobile devices, and available either on-premises or in the cloud.

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What characteristics does it have?

  • Capture of Paper Documents

OnBase works with all types of scanners *, including multifunction printers with the ability to scan one page at a time and systems capable of scanning thousands of pages per hour.

  • Electronic documents

Centralize your information by importing your digital documents directly into OnBase.

  • Mobile content capture

With the OnBase mobile app, you can capture images and information directly from a mobile device and immediately make that information accessible, within OnBase, to the rest of the organization.

  • Data Capture

OnBase’s data capture functionality automatically classifies important documents, extracts critical information, validates it, and updates the most relevant systems, such as OnBase.

The benefits of eliminating manual tasks in the document management process include:

Cost reduction in document management.

Faster processes thanks to automation.

Improvements in the service since it provides users with valid information in real time.

Regardless of the nature of the document, OnBase ensures that all relevant information is extracted using the most advanced technologies:

Optical character recognition: extracts machine-printed characters.

Intelligent character recognition: extract handwritten characters.

Optical Mark Recognition – Determines a selection from a list of options, for example, tick marks.

Barcode recognition: extract barcode data in a document

  • Process automation

Automate tasks, distribute documents, manage exceptions and extend key processes using tools such as configurable forms, workflow rules and logic, and robotic process automation (RPA).

  • Case management

Manage data, tasks, activities, correspondence and events related to your unstructured cases and knowledge-based work processes.

  • Collaboration

Share content securely, collaborate on documents, and extend related processes to people inside and outside your organization.

  • Content management

Organize, manage, and optimize content, including compound documents and rich multimedia files, throughout your organization, enabling users to find the information they need when they need it.

  • Management of communications with the client

Automatically create and distribute personalized correspondence and documentation in a variety of formats to everyone you serve.

  • Reports and analysis

Gain visibility into your content and processes with real-time reporting and analytics, including interactive dashboards and audits of all content-related activities.

  • Searches

Enterprise-level search helps your users complete a task, solve a problem, or advance a business process more efficiently, while helping your organization reduce information security risks and improve regulatory compliance .

  • Records management and retention

Automated document and record retention management enables you to enforce structured retention policies, support information governance, and minimize legal risks across the enterprise.

What are the benefits it gives to banks?

  • Integrated to BANTOTAL
  • Have a 360 view of bank documents (Client Folders)
  • Audit (Completeness of Folders and Expiration Control)
  • Ability to integrate with the rest of the bank systems ERP, HB, other and regardless of the provider.
  • Reduced overall processing time while increasing your accuracy
  • Create consistency in processes
  • They gain greater visibility and transparency
  • Protect against fraud and mitigate risks
  • Allow direct processing
  • Integrated with electronic signature to increase speed
  • Integrated with OCR and validation system

What use cases is it used for?

Shared services in the Financial sector.

Office Operations

– Office automation

– Zero paper

– Check processing

– Signature format

– Due diligence (Check List)

– Know your customer (KYC)

Back Office

– Accounts x Pay

– Accounts x Collect

– HR

– Contract management

– Correspondence (Entry and exit)

– Purchasing Management


– Fraud Management

– Helps with PCI and SOX compliance

– Money Laundering

– FATCA report

 Customer service

– Claims support

– Client Management

– Call Center

– Smart File

Credit Operations

– Mobile Commercial Force (Extra Mile)

– Credit Factory

– Composition of guarantees

– Physical file management

What are some of the success stories?