ENAXIS is a collaborative software that provides technological support for integrated ISO and GMP management systems, among other internationally recognized and used regulatory frameworks. It is a highly usable web application, compatible with all browsers, customizable for each client, multilanguage, highly configurable and integrable with other systems. ENAXIS makes it possible to speed up times and improve the processes of Document Management, Audits, Strategic Management, Projects, Findings and Complaints, among others. The traceability is guaranteed through an Audit Trail, providing information transparency and visibility.

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What is ENAXIS?

ENAXIS is a collaborative software that provides technological support for integrated ISO and GMP management systems. It is the solution to optimize management times and improve quality in organizations. ENAXIS has differents Suites that can be added according to the requirements of each client and this automate multiple processes of the organization such as Document Management, Audits, Strategic Management, Projects, Findings, Complaints and Actions, among others.

The system has an Audit Trail that ensures the management traceability.

ENAXIS sends notifications through email and the system itself, and has thematic forums that facilitate and contextualize communication between people. It also has efficient search and reporting engines for file and data management.


Main benefits:

  •  Facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements of Certification Bodies and Regulatory Institutions
  • Allows managing complexity in N dimensional organizations (hierarchies, processes, projects, others)
  • Allows to bring strategy to the daily behavior of people
  • Provides information transparency and visibility
  • Allows teamwork sharing information and increasing productivity
  • Allows contextual or thematic communication (forums)
  • Promotes Knowledge Management
  • Guarantees the management traceability


Integrated solutions through ENAXIS Suites:

ENAXIS has five Suites: Basic Suite, ISO Suite, Strategic Suite, Governance Suite and Risk Suite.

Among the most required solutions, we understand that document management is key in organizations. With the ISO Suite it is possible to carry out document management through an automatic flow, and using electronic signatures. In addition, the use of paper is eliminated and copies are controlled, facilitating access to documentation and ensuring that people consult current versions. Findings, Actions and Complaints can also be managed, as well as scheduling and executing Audits, among other modules that the Suite has.

Another high-impact solution that is key in organizations is to ensure the strategy implementation. This is achieved through the Strategic Suite, which offers technological support, based on the Balanced Scorecard general principles. This Suite allows you to manage strategic structure, strategic maps, indicators and their dashboards, among others. Governance Suite is complementary to ISO and Strategic Suites, providing support for the management of Committees and Meetings, with the generation of agendas and automatic minutes.

With ENAXIS you can also manage projects for the definition and monitoring of action plans, strategic initiatives and any other type of project required by any organization.


What are the benefits granted to banks

Institutions in the sector trusted ENAXIS to comply with the requirements established in different ISO regulatory frameworks and with certain requirements of the Central Banks that regulate all of the countries; specifically, the management of Complaints and Suggestions of its clients and the management of Audits and Findings.


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