Bitex cross border payment solution allows you to connect local bank accounts with each other and thus be able to access international transfers without the need to resort to correspondent banks.

We use the blockchain technology to compensate the payments and in this way give it more speed, reduce costs and add transparency to international payments.

The service is available to be consumed via API which allows you to schedule payments and be able to issue transfers in minutes.

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What is it?

Bitex cross border is an international payment solution that allows you to connect local bank accounts through blockchain technology allowing banks to make international transfers with full control and traceability, reducing time and costs and without incurring in using the swift network.

The solution allows banks to create new business models that today were excluded due to high costs and thus increase the rate of active clients as well as increasing the number of new clients who previously used non-bank international forms of payment.


What characteristics does it have?

Consumable via API, allows multiple and simultaneous payments, uses the blockchain as a compensation method, connects local bank accounts, does not require the use correspondent banks, competitive cost, without integration costs or licenses, total control of payments.

What are the benefits granted to banks?

Reduction of operational and financial costs, possibility of new business opportunities, technical and operational scalability.

For what use cases is used

Remittances and family assistance, international payments and collections of low amount, payment of pensions, economy of platforms, professional services and knowledge economy, medical tourism, educational tourism, international trade,

What are some success stories?

Currently the Masventas Bank is the first bank worldwide that uses our services.