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Independent solutions that help you drive better results for your customers and your business throughout the entire customer journey.

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Call Center with Conversations

The most complete digital solution in the cloud for call centers. Its unique, intelligent and multi-channel interface allows companies to interact with customers in an agile and personalized way through different channels and at any time of the day. In addition, its unique and intuitive interface also allows you to automate questions and answers, manage staff performance, direct customers to the correct operator, and record all customer conversation history, even across different channels.

Conversations is Infobip’s cloud contact center (CCaaS) solution. It allows you to engage in conversations with your customers through some of the most popular industry standard channels.
Our solution is available as a web interface or over HTTP API, with the following functionalities:

• Two-way messaging
• Conversation thread
•Conversation management: queue and routing management, agent assignment, resolution management, history summary.



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Customer Engagement with Moments

The first impression is the one that stays. Add a human touch to your communications. Engage with personalized messages and create intelligent, automated journeys behind a multi-channel customer engagement platform. Through a humanized approach, these messages build meaningful customer relationships and increase the chances of loyalty and retention.

Moments, our customer engagement hub is all about delivering relevant content derived from important customer information, interests and activities.

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Chatbot with Answers

Be always available to improve the effectiveness of your customer support. With a smart and intuitive interface, Answers recognizes customer intent and delivers proactive, personalized conversational experiences throughout the consumer journey. The Answers chatbot offers the best value for your business. In addition to optimizing operating costs, it allows easy integration with relationship centers, offering full access to history on various channels (WhatsApp, Viber, Apple Business Chat, LiveChat, RCS and Facebook Messenger).

Answers is Infobip’s comprehensive chatbot building platform that allows you to build, test, and deploy highly customized chatbots of different types. By implementing chatbots, you can quickly:

📉 Reduce customer service operating costs

📈 Increase customer satisfaction by providing 24/7/365 support


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