Banking Accelerator


Framework developed and implemented by Axxon Consulting that accelerates the production of Business Solutions for Financial Services covering the areas of Customers, Sales, Services and Products, taking advantage of the inherent capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform and Power Platform.

Banking Accelerator

Development that contains all the necessary components to achieve a base and consistent integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and the API available from Bantotal.

The Axxon Bantotal Accelerator enabled customers to quickly adopt basic banking processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Microsoft Power Platform.

What characteristics does it have?

The pillars of the Axxon Bantotal Accelerator are:

  • The common data model deployed in the CDS capable of supporting the necessary integrations between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Power Platform with Bantotal.
  • The set of Data Connectors Based on Azure Functions that integrates the solution in the Power Platform.
  • In addition to the data model, the Accelerator includes business processes, experiences, and dashboards for common use cases in banking and insurance.

What are the benefits it gives to banks?

  • Interact with customers on different channels.
  • Get everything to create and manage a digital store.
  • Optimize retail operations.
  • Get flexibility and security.

What use cases is it used for?

Financial Services.



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