PSAML is a web application that runs on servers communicating with Bantotal’s Banking Core. PSAML is a robust solution which monitors your institution’s electronic transactions looking for suspicious behavior, thereby complying with your anti-legitimization / anti-money laundering program, under the concept of an all-in-one system.

The PSAML computer application has had years of development and increasingly offers more and more features that make it innovative, complete and effective.

Both with a simple and friendly design, with a effective architecture, as well as with computational-mathematical technology specialized in profiling and atypicality detection, and together with best practices and expert knowledge, the tool is capable of alerting transactions and suspicious behavior. Suspicious cases can be investigated in detail employing any number of personnel throughout the organization, employing a general workflow sub-system.

Additionally, Predisoft has a mathematical laboratory for data analysis, where we perform segmentation and profiling processes in addition to collaborating with the creation of risk rating matrices for both customers and products.


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    PSMLA  is a web application and backend software system that analyzes electronic transactions of various kinds. It is used to monitor transactions and detect suspicious patterns related to various forms of Money Laundering.

    The PSAML system is all-inclusive: it allows for monitoring, reporting, blacklisting, execution of workflows, population segmentation and for the creation of risk rating matrices, all unified in the same system, thereby optimizing all the management of compliance departments in financial entities.



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    PSFraud is a web application / backend system that uses which can respond in real time to the threat of fraud. PSFraud uses sophisticated mathematical and classification (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning) technology that provides self-learning capabilities. Additionally, PSFraud incorporates different best known computing techniques, combining them in the most efficient way in order to produce better external fraud detection rates on multiple channels with lower alert levels.

    The learning capacity allows to continuously update the profile of each consumer or of an analysis object whose pattern you are looking for. It does this to assimilate the knowledge of the consumer or object and to automatically update the rules and parameters necessary to stop the problem. Predisoft’s analysts, however, are regularly reviewing the analysis results with your specialized staff with the aim of making sure the efficiency level is always optimal.

    Predisoft has also specialized PSFraud for internal fraud detection purposes with PSFraud-Internal, and has also offers an authorizer level solution with PSFraudAuthorizer.


These characteristics allow to optimize the processes and assist efficiently in the compliance of regulatory reports. PSAML is able to identify very suspicious cases thus improving staff performance and, consecuently, lowering costs.

PSAML has received the distinction of having been listed as the third best anti-laundering solution (of forty-four solutions in operation) at the recent Hemispheric Asset Laundering Congress organized by the Banking Association of Panama that took place in Panama City .

Like PSFraud, PSFraudAuthorizer is a web application and calculation system that uses sophisticated mathematical technology and can respond in real time to the threat of fraud. In the case of “normal” PSFraud, electronic banking transactions are analyzed after they have already been approved by the Authorized System of the banking core. The first fraud, and often the second, cannot be prevented. In extreme cases, as with fraud coming from multiple sources instantly, there is no way to avoid it, the Bank acquiring large losses.

Unlike PSFraud, PSFraudAuthorizer is used for fraud detection at the Authorization System level, that is, before electronic transactions have been approved by the system. This allows the expert knowledge of the PSFraud system to be used so as not to let even the first attempt at fraud occur.

PSFraudAuthorizer, supported by symbolic Vector technology and analytical mathematics but with variations in certain algorithms and with other levels of confidence, is able to identify fraud with a very high degree of confidence. If the trust is so high, and its certainty can be verified, then these types of transactions can be declined without fear of harming the end users (card- or accountholders). As these analyzes take a few microseconds, as soon as the transactions arrive, PSFraudAuthorizer can, in direct communication with the Bantotal Authorization System, decline fraudulent transactions before they are approved. On the negative side, however, it is clear that the level of fraud detection at this level of confidence is not as high as with PSFraud, where higher levels can indeed be found but at the cost of false alerts. Typically, a detection rate of about 5% to 45% of all normally approved fraud can be expected.

The advantages of using PSFraudAuthorizer for the banking institution are enormous: (1) completely avoids fraud at the rates mentioned in the last paragraph, (2) users do are bothered because the blocking of their cards or accounts is very accurate, (3) the number of personnel in the analyst team can decrease significantly, (4) the procedure is simplified because all urgent contact attempts with the end user are also avoided.

This product can be used for all accounts and channels.