IFS Market Platform

Market Platform

The IFS Market Platform is a set of products for the capture and distribution of financial content. Products that manage market data in realtime / delayed streaming as well as in batch mode. Solutions designed for the management of financial data in an organized and structured manner, which provide fundamental information on financial instruments, reference data, EoD, historical quotes, news, information on corporate events and financial statements. A Multi-Vendor platform that has a wide coverage of financial information, allowing the best of each data provider in a single consolidated data model independent of the provider.

IFS Market Platform
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The IFS Market Platform is a set of products for the capture and distribution of financial content. It offers solutions for the consultation of market data: quotes (RealTime / Delayed / Snap / Batch), historical, credit information of the main rating agencies (Fitch, Moodys, S & P, DBRS, …), reference data, financial statements, …, concentrating the information in a single CORE for its distribution to the different areas of the entity as well as third applications (Sungard, Murex, …) and mobility and web devices.

These are the main solutions of the platform.

Iberia Market Data Publisher (IMDP). It is a Real Time Financial Information Concentrator, designed to meet the requirements of integration, capture and distribution of financial information in streaming for financial entities and brokers. It provides quotes, orders, market depths and news, among other contents. This information may come from different vendors, including the data of the entity itself.

Iberia Market Data Knowledge (IMDK). It is a system for the capture of static information, fixed emissions data, reference data and operations of all types of market instruments, entities and their associated information, providing a centralized repository for the entity. It has historical series, reference data of financial instruments, information about companies, relevant events, financial news, charts (intraday, session, annuals, …)

Iberia Market Data Rating (IMDR): It is a product that allows to process information from credit rating agencies (Fitch, Moodys, S & P and DBRS), providing a unified repository of credit information of issues and public and private entities.

The information is presented crossed between the different agencies being very agile the treatment of the information by the business areas.

Iberia Market Data Request (IMDRq): System for the integration of information with customer systems, allowing the information available on the platform to be provided to the different areas of the client that require it.

Iberia Market Data Mathengine (IMDM): It is a real-time calculation system for the valuation of financial products in Streaming, oriented to the treasury areas of financial institutions. Through the solution, entities are able to define calculation algorithms, valuation of complex products in real time, generation of curves and volatilities, publication and distribution of calculated data. In addition, the product can be integrated with Matlab through the ToolBox IFS for Matlab, which allows to feed the customer’s Matlab calculations with financial information from different vendors.

Consult the data providers supported by the IFS Platform here.