TDA is an analytical tool that allows the creation of personalized reports and dynamic tables in an easy, fast and organized way.

You will be able to extract and exploit your data to view them at any time and from anywhere.

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    Simplificado is an application created by Bantraining for the purpose of implementing a way of thinking and acting.

    Simplificado is a tool initially conceived as a reporter, to provide a solution to the information needs of users and facilitate reporting tasks based on information from tables stored in standard data engines. However, that was just a starting point, and the need to be able to design data entry forms, interact with APIs and build navigation flows between objects, among other features, soon became apparent.

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How does it work

Through a wide range of graphic formats, TDA allows the user to visualize the information in the most efficient way, with the aim of reducing the reading and interpretation times of the different indicators and leaving more space for analysis and decision making. .

Likewise, the user has the possibility to apply filters, define business rules that alert specific situations, carry out top-down analysis with drill-down / drill-through functions and export results to spreadsheets and images.

The security configuration is done through the concept of user groups and access profiles integrated in the tool itself, also allowing authentication through Active Directory.

Main benefits for the bank

  • Easy to install, create and use.
  • Integration of information from multiple data sources in real time.
  • Accompany the dynamics of the business with a rapid implementation of changes.
  • Wide variety of graphic formats.
  • Access through multiple devices.
  • Allows the integration of graphics in external applications.