Doxee Pvideo


With Doxee Pvideo®, you personalized video content including animations with customer-specific text, imagery and audio. Personalize the scene sequence depending on customer profile. Or use our unique ‘User-directed Storytelling’ where customers are in control.

Doxee Pvideo
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Doxee Pvideo® is a service of HTML-5-based personalized videos. Doxee advanced technology makes possible to develop personalized videos that enhance interaction directly into the video. With Doxee Pvideo®, enterprises can take advantage of one-to-one communications:
– Increasing customer confidence with How-to personalized videos;
– High impact for Telco, Utilities and enterprises having frequent communications with a wide amount of customers.
– Lower customer churn, higher renewal rate.

Industry standard use cases:

– Telco and Utilities: Interactive video-bills with clickable CTAs and direct access to payment portal, Optional upsell initiatives inside the scenes;
– Insurance: On-video direct premium payment;
– Public Administration: Interactive access points to portals of local services and tax collection portal.