Cartera Digital

Cartera Digital is the only mobile credit management platform specialized in microfinance. With five different management modules, Cartera Digital enables efficiency optimization, goal management and field staff supervision for any microfinance institution.

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Cartera Digital
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Cartera Digital is a credit management mobile platform specialized in microfinance. It has five management modules which allow for efficiency optimization, goal management and field staff supervision for any microfinance institution.

How it works

Using Cartera Digital, an institution can schedule visits and it can handle active credit application approvals or rejections by using any of the different placement process profiles:

  1. Prospecting: Real time prospect pre-qualification.
  2. Application initiation: Register field applications, including pictures.
  3. Review and analysis: Web-based review module; review and edit applications online.
  4. Approval and rejection: Virtual committee able to approve or reject requests.

Main benefits for banks and Micro Finance Institutions

  • Immediate access to up-to-date client information, including applications, payment agreements, payment history, information about their credits, renewals and follow-ups.
  • Ability to immediately place customers via mobile device, increasing the speed and effectiveness of the placement.
  • Capacity to create smart routes using business intelligence algorithms able to factor in over 10 optimization criteria.
  • The location-based analysis module allows for identifying clients who need assistance with processes (like: renewals, follow-ups, billing, payment agreements, terminations, etc.) and who are near the consultant’s location.
  • Creation of management reports with smart tables and graphics by zones, agencies and users. Reports on portfolio management, credit applications, work areas, client and efficiency profiles and daily activities.
  • Improve up to 60% in client portfolio management efficiency and their operational interactions. With CARTERA DIGITAL’s intelligence mechanisms, users identify renewable clients sooner and more accurately.

Cartera Digital is designed to be actively used in the field and it works with direct integration to transactional software and banking core systems.

• Micro Financing Institutions
• Cooperatives
• Credit and Savings Associations
• Collecting Entities

Additional features:

• Fee Calculator
• Administrative Activities
• Route Optimization
• Promotional Activities
• Educational Activities
• Management History
• Customer Placements