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alveoCCM Generator is a tool that allows you to generate a company’s contractual documents in an agile and simple way.
It complements market solutions for the design and advanced generation of documents, giving legal and business users control of the library and generation of content in contracts.
The documents are generated in PDF format in real time, facilitating their incorporation into the digital hiring and onboarding circuits of organizations.

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    alveoCCM is a software platform intended to manage and optimize the customer
    communication process in financial institutions.

    The platform processes the whole set of bank’s communications with its clients. For this
    purpose, all communication channels available in the company are used, always in accordance
    with the legal issues and communication preferences of the clients.

    The infrastructure is fully integrated with Bantotal core banking. Communications linked to
    bank core operations (settlement notices, bank statements, transaction receipts, operations
    alerts, etc.) are managed and distributed through the CCM Alveo system, without developing
    cost-consuming customized interfaces.

    alveoCCM brings added value to Bantotal users, such as global tracking of communications,
    cost savings and easy implementation of new digital channels.
    In addition, Bantotal core banking users can use a comprehensive set of services provided by
    alveoCCM, including communication capture, monitoring and recovery from other alternate
    channels or corporate systems.


The product consists of two main elements:

  • A user interface that facilitates the configuration of the contents and rules for the generation of contractual documents.
  • An online service that integrates with the contracting systems of the entity for the generation of documents, in accordance with the configurations established in each case.

Main features:

  • Available for any business application that generates documents.
  • It does not require programming: the user configures the models, contents and execution variables.
  • Generation of the document in real time.
  • Traceability of generations and applied rules is provided.
  • Optionally integrates with any standard layout.
  • Two usage options: on premise or SaaS model.

Benefits for banks:

  • Standardization of documentary production in the different channels and areas of the entity.
  • Legal control and compliance of operations is facilitated.
  • Reduction of operational risk in the generation of contracts.
  • Operational control and reuse of legal content is guaranteed.
  • Streamlining of time to market in the creation of new documents.
  • Lower costs and development efforts of IT departments.

Use cases:

  • Issuance of digital contracts with clients for their electronic signature and subsequent filing.
  • Impact analysis of clauses impacted by regulatory changes.
  • Generation of pre-contractual documents to send to notaries in credit operations.
  • Cataloging and updating of clauses in different businesses through expert jurists.
  • Planned activation of regulatory changes that must be contractually collected.


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