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Platform of solutions for electronic transaction processing and payment management with the best TIME TO MARKET and the greatest FLEXIBILITY.

Easy integration with other solutions, from a flexible, distributed, modular and extensible deployment platform.

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TenS platform allows the processing of electronic transactions and payment administration. Is based on a single binary code, with tools that allow the development and customization of its functionalities in no-code mode.

The implementations are carried out on the configuration layer where the business rules are established, with great flexibility to define any of the message formats used in the market, as well as the possibility of parameterizing the necessary fields in these formats.

With high performance and a Time to Market according to the needs of the Market.

The Institution accesses a platform, where it can configure, for example:

  • ATM network Administration.
  • POS network Administration.
  • Transaction switching.
  • Transaction authorization.
  • HSM management to give security to all transactions.
  • Issuer administration for credit, debit, prepaid card or electronic wallet.
  • Acquire administration.
  • Integration with third parties.

TenS is implemented in the Region in first-line Banks and in important Payment Processors, using a large part of the described functionalities.



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