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MeaWallet’s tokenization PCI platform is certified and facilitates tokenization with major brands (Visa/VTS, Mastercard/MDES and Amex) as well as can enable any OEM Pay (such as Apple/Google/Samsung/Garmin/Fitbit/Swatch/ Huawei Pay) and even NFC in the issuer’s own wallet/App. It also offers control and management of tokens, showing sensitive card data and Push Provisioning. For acquisition we also enable tokenization with brands and we have a Tap on Glass solution with PIN (SoftPOS) to be able to charge with the cell phone.

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To be able to pay digitally with a card, you must first tokenize it. Tokenization occurs on the side of the brand that issues and stores the tokens in its vault. MeaWallet tokenization platform helps to connect to these brand tokenization vaults: VTS, MDES, AMTS.

Once the card is digitized using the token, it can be sent (Mea Push Provisioning) to a wallet (Apple Pay for example) and you can pay with it. Both the sending of the token, as well as its management, as well as the possibility of enabling both Apple Pay and the NFC of the App with which it is paid are all the products that MeaWallet can enable.

Each product is modular and independent and can be consumed separately.
Enabling tokenization makes payments easier for end customers, increases security and therefore reduces payment friction.


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