Voice biometric solution to access or authenticate yourself in a call center.

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    With this solution FacePhi provides a novel and very comfortable alternative for mobile banking users since they only have to take a selfie with their smartphone to access their bank accounts or operate in them.
    Selphi® also guarantees high security in any operation, incorporating a liveness filter. With this technology it is able to distinguish between a photograph and the person in front of the mobile device.
    This innovative technology improves the user experience effortlessly, simply by using the camera of the mobile device to take a selfie, thus becoming its method of identification and interaction with the bank’s mobile application.


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    Solution that uses eye biometric to grant access or approve transactions with a look.


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    Safe digital on boarding solution with the best OCR in the market, in real time and with passive facial liveness test, document validation and black lists.


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    FacePhi Identity Platform: Digital Identity Verification in a tailor-made platform, which provides our clients with the tools and the advantage of being able to adapt the technology to each of their particular needs. A consumer driven platform that provides both customer and user with the most secure verification processes. All our biometric solutions in one so that you have it more accessible, so that you are more efficient.

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Our Phivox ® technology makes the user’s life easier and more secure.
The pattern will be sent to the bank’s server where it will be store as biometric record for future authentications.
Thanks to our liveness detection measures, access and transactions are secure preventing phishing, spoofing and Man in the Middle schemes.

1. Easy integration.
2. Very fast: 1000 comparisons per second.
3. Diarization: separating people from a call into independent audios.
4. Robust against low quality and noise.
5. Supports any language or accent.
6. Checks age and gender.
7. 1:1 or 1:N technology.
8. It is not necessary to always say the same sentence (independent text).
9. Passive records detection.
10. Very light pattern.
11. Pattern with intelligent learning.
12. Encrypted and tokenized pattern.
13. Crossplatform and multidevice.
14. Prevent phishing, spoofing and Man in the Middle.