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Electronic document signature software that allows you to sign any electronic document as if it were a paper. With the biometric signature you can digitize the process without losing its legal validity. You can also send your documents so that someone else can perform the advanced remote signature anywhere, without having to install anything from your device.

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Digital document signature solution that allows you to sign any electronic document as if it were a paper with full legal guarantees. Ideal for customer service processes in branches or remotely, from opening accounts to credit applications. The handwritten digital signature is intuitive, agile, simple and suitable for any client. You can choose from a variety of devices that adapt to your business model, for permanent positions in the office or mobile for sales executives. For remote processes, select between authentication and signature methods as required by the document to be signed.

In-person signature

This much-demanded solution is carried out on tablets located in a fixed position where people must sign the corresponding documents.

With the biometric digital signature, the electronically signed document maintains the same legal guarantees and technical evidence as a signature on paper.

The signature is done on tablets of the organization, normally we use Wacom, Signotec or Euronovate.


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Remote Signature

Send your documents for advanced remote signing by someone else anywhere, without having to install anything from your device.

The double authentication factor (email + SMS) ensures the identity of the signatory.


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Without any installation required!
The signatory will be able to read and accept the document from their device (Android, iOS and Windows).



Complies with eIDAS legal regulations
It ensures the identity of the signatory and the integrity of the content in a very simple way for the user.



Any document and any type of signature
You can send from employment contracts and informed consent to budgets, order deliveries, etc.



Traceability certificate
firmar.online, as an electronic notary, issues a certificate of traceability of the process where all the evidence with probative value is collected.