STELA is an innovative platform for software automation, which allows automated testing and robotic process automation (RPA).


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What is it?

STELA is an innovative platform for software automation, which allows automated testing and robotic process automation (RPA).

In a clear and simple way, STELA allows you to describe the actions to be performed on a software application, using instructions adapted to automation based on a simple language to learn and use.

The ease of use, allows it to be successfully adopted by staff without programming knowledge, making automation available to everyone.


  • It uses a simple and easy-to-learn drag and drop user interface to construct the automation in terms of actions to be carried out on the application, to carry out the automated process or test.
  • STELA executes the actions on the application, simulating the interaction of a user by clicking, entering data or extracting information.
  • Automate requires only 5 steps:
    • Operation
    • Translate
    • Automated execution
    • Evidence gathering
    • Reporting
  • Evidence of the actions and validations performed are recorded and stored to ease diagnostics.
  • Collects relevant metrics.
  • Allows a complete audit of the automated execution.


  • Allows to create automations without programming.
  • Robust automation at the same time easy to maintain, improve and extend.
  • Empowers the test team.
  • Generates permanent value in the company.
  • Maintains the record of the automations made facilitating the audit.
  • Software quality increase by reducing operational risks due to failures
  • Improve the ability to diagnose and detect failures in your applications.
  • Automates Web, Mobile, GUI and Legacy applications
  • Facilitates adopting agile methodologies and DevOps

Most common use cases

STELA is ideal for running functional and regression tests of BANTOTAL or any web, mobile or GUI application, because functional tests ensure that the application will work correctly when it is delivered to production, reducing operational risks due to software failures.

STELA allows customers to initiate the transition to an agile development cycle, reducing time to market, promoting innovation and competitiveness while also improving the user experience.

Automating tests with STELA improves consistency resulting in better security, reliability and functionality, decreasing false positives and facilitating the diagnosis of failures through the generation of extensive evidence of automation execution.

STELA also allows the implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on BANTOTAL by connecting the system with other applications that have a web, mobile or GUI interface, loading data from text files or spreadsheets, or extracting information from BANTOTAL for analysis using office tools.

The process to implement automations requires only 4 steps:

  • Document the process to automate
  • Implement automation in STELA
  • Automated execution
  • Reporting

STELA captures all the evidence of the robot’s execution, which allows a complete audit of the process performed.


Success stories

Banco Republica – Uruguay (BROU)

Automated tests and RPA.


Scotiabank Uruguay

Automated tests and RPA.



Automated tests


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