Clarive is the end-to-end DevOps platform to accelerate your continuous delivery and automate every step in your delivery process between Bantotal and their client, being able to keep total traceability of your changes through the lifecycle.

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Clarive is end-to-end DevOps platform to help all companies to automate and
manage all process around the software llifecycle, from your ideas to production.

Main features

● Code repositories management based in your preferred version system (GIT,
Subversion, etc.)
● Planning and tracking projects.
● Artifact repositories
● Automate deployments
● Kanban
● Testing management
● Provisioning management
● etc.


Centralize in one point every step in your software’s lifecycle, integrating and
orchestrating all of your DevOps toolchain. Save time and money centralizing
management and automatization in one point.

Use cases

– End-to-end DevOps Lifecycle: All software and apps building in only one tool.
– Release automation: Centralized the delivery of software changes from all your
development providers in one tool where you could manage and automate all
process of testing and bring to production.
– Orchestration: Integrate all DevOps toolchain tools that you currently use in only
one place where you can manage them in a centralized manner.

Success cases

– Bank Sabadell: Automate all delivery from Bantotal’s improvements or features to
Bank Sabadell team.
– Telefónica: They manage all the software developed for more than 500 providers
and more than 8.000 developers through Clarive, unifying and automating the whole
process of delivery.
– El Corte Inglés: Automate all process around software delivery for all applications.