Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a way to automatically process typically repetitive and operating rule-based activities. This robot software is used to capture and interpret transactions using IT applications and Artificial Intelligence, data manipulation and communication across different systems without affecting them.

CPA Ferrere offers its own differential methodology using a multi-dimension approach, based on knowledge of technology, business and its processes, internal control, administration and finance, as well as accounting.

That methodology, combined with the technological quality of our partner Automation Anywhere, allows us to jointly provide services/products adapted to the needs of each banking organization. We analyze, restructure and automate your processes/activities, generating significant savings, thereby redirecting the labor force and accompanying the organization on its digital transformation.


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    The Software Quality Assurance (SQA) service of CPA FERRERE with a business perspective focus allows its clients to ensure software quality and efficiency, minimize process implementation times, and cut costs associated with error detection and correction.


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    Data Migration Control

    When implementing a new system it is essential to validate the migrated information. At CPA Ferrere we have methodologies and tools that permit analyzing the quality of this information, as well as to lay out an action plan for correction and quality improvement.


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    Market Risk

    Calculate interest rate capital requirements, according to time structure of the institution’s assets and liabilities, analyzing the different rates, currencies and products in which the institution does business.


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    Analyze funds requirements for different moments in time, according to the time structure of the institution’s assets and liabilities, analyzing the different currencies and products in which the institution does business.


CPA Ferrere and Automation Anywhere are witnesses to the banking sector’s constant evolution and the growing global demand for process automation using robots/artificial intelligence. This advantage led us to partner and create a specific product/service for the financial sector, a mix of our methodology and Automation Anywhere’s technology, allowing us to accompany banks in implementing Robotic Process Automation.

Robots or bots, as they are also known, are software that automatically performs tasks, replicating the actions of a human being noninvasively with the user interface of an IT system without affecting base applications.  Robotic process automation is really useful in scenarios involving, for example:

  • Repetitive tasks
  • Large volumes of information
  • Lengthy executions
  • Business rules-based processes

Some of the actions bots can perform are:

Información sobre qué pueden hacer los RPA

Implementing an RPA has these benefits:

  • Bots can execute tasks precisely, 24×7, increasing processing and reducing your costs (ROI Optimization).
  • They standardize and optimize processes, improving quality and eliminating human error, with an interesting reduction in costs.
  • Redirecting the labor force to more creative and challenging activities/tasks, with more value added, optimizing personnel time, eliminating routine work, and putting the focus on client-centered business processes and/or triggering strategic initiatives. They can also redirect time toward developing new competencies to perform tasks affording greater value added.
  • Automated processes improve data quality and consistency, which leads to improvements in analysis time and in income.
  • RPAs involve a short time for return on investment and can be implemented with low integration costs.
  • Access to information is generated in known and friendly formats. Unification of reports.
  • It makes it possible to deal better with peaks in transactional activity.
  • Opportunity to create complete auditing processes, reducing operating, business, compliance and regulatory risks.
  • RPA platforms are secure and can be easily audited and managed.

Why CPA Ferrere/Automation Anywhere?

  • Highly prestigious companies recognized in different markets
  • Commercial and marketing support
  • Training and support in the Spanish language
  • Products/services offered in hybrid format (semi-classroom)
  • Artificial intelligence platform with cognitive abilities, operating analysis and integrated business
  • Intuitive software, rapid scalability and in some cases optimized by users
  • Scalability, centralized controls and security

Some cases of use:


Some cases of success or examples of processes implemented:

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