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THESE is a Uruguayan based Software Quality Assurance company with over 10 years of experience in the field.

Our mission is to provide our customers innovative solutions through our quality control services, carried out by our qualified team of experts, focusing on the early detection of incidents that would allow us to anticipate further issues and optimize processes, generating significant savings to our customers and a better user experience.

Testing Service
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    PCI Software Security Framework is a new approach to securely design, develop and maintain current and future releases of payment software products. Financial institutions address overall software security resiliency based on this new security framework, which expands the scope for payment software types, technologies, and development methodologies.

    These PCI SSF consultancy, we incorporate security in the SDLC of companies, ensuring that the software adequately protects the integrity and confidentiality of payment transaction data.

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We are a national company with 10+ years of experience providing IT services for Latin America and the USA. We drive people and companies to innovate in software-based products and services.

We offer software testing, development and automation services, as well as in-company training and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) customized consultancy.

We cover every stage of business operation, from application and tool design to continuous improvement once the product is ready.

We ensure that every project is carried out under the most advanced quality assurance processes.


Software testing automation

Our automated testing implementation service aims to prevent incidents that arise from manual process repetition while saving time and money, as well as mitigating the risk of a potential loss of corporate image.

It comprises a set of instructions and repeatable processes intended to replace or reduce manual activity through information systems.

The purpose of these instructions, tools and frameworks is that tasks can be executed with little or no human intervention.


Intended for those organizations in need of automation and its different approaches.

Risk-based approach – Selected by those organizations that prioritize the automation of their critical system components.

Complex testing approach – Selected by those organizations that wish to focus on
automating complex testing and need to optimize runtime.

Repetitive testing approach – Selected by those organizations that need to decrease repetitive/manual testing runtime.


PCI-DSS Consultancy

The overall goal of Technical Support is to make a diagnosis of PCI DSS compliance, oriented towards defining controls for cardholder data protection and sensitive authentication data during processing, storage and/or transmission.

Our methodology involves: Compliance Assessment and Action Plan, Requirements Implementation for Adequacy, Adequacy for Certification, and Service Continuity.


Consultancy service on this new PCI framework can be useful to any financial
company developing, selling and marketing payment software and willing to incorporate top-notch practices into their processes.

This consultancy is targeted at organizations in need of formulating and deploying a software security strategy.


OVERVIEW: We automate and boost integration and continuous delivery processes,
improving software implementation throughout the life cycle of a product.

Continuous delivery allows teams to create, test and deliver software with automated tools, providing stability and higher-quality deliverables.


Continuous Integrity (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are software development practices that companies can implement to speed their processes, adopt controls in the early stages of the development life cycle, and consequently, solve problems more cost-efficiently than in the final stages.

Continuous Integrity allows for establishing controls and ensuring that stable branches in repositories continue to be stable under any new code. Upon code integration, the packaging process is automated according to the release plan, tests are executed and the Release Note documents for the client are generated.

THESE’s automation service provides SDLC processes prior analysis in order to understand the requirements for further process automation.



We design and custom-develop systems with avant-garde technologies under international quality standards.

We follow the whole life cycle of the product, from design and architecture to
implementation, testing and production readiness.

We work with agile methodologies and adapt requirements smoothly. We guarantee the security of a tested code and timely feedback, reducing capital loss or obsolete development.

In relation to the security of each product, we use and implement community-provided analysis tools in order to prevent security through obscurity.

We are a dynamic team of knowledgeable professionals, keen to adapt and empower themselves according to Spring demand and our clients’ needs.

As a training company, we train our junior staff and provide them with expertise and business know-how so that they can join the team in force majeure events, leaves of absence, sick leaves or job rotation.


Our software development service operates as a solution to banking digitization and adapts to any client need.

Some use cases:

  • UX/UI design for Fintech and Banking apps
  • Payment system implementation for apps
  • Development of wallet and money management apps
  • Cloud efficiency
  • API connections for cryptocurrency statistics data in real time


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