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Cogo is the leading spend-based carbon management solution, with over 10 years of experience, trusted by major banks across the world to build engaging and impactful customer experiences.

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Cogo offers spend-based carbon management solutions aimed at enabling the bank’s personal and business banking customers to measure, understand, and reduce their impact on the climate.

Cogo does this through strategic banking partnerships with some of the world’s largest banks, integrating carbon insight solutions into their mobile banking app experiences.

Cogo seamlessly integrates with the bank’s data to surface carbon insights into mobile their banking app experiences, offering hyper-personalised carbon footprint insights, actions, and recommendations based on their customer’s individual data. This then allows the bank to position propositions, products and partnerships at the point of need to enhance the lifetime customer value (LTV) and lower their cost to serve.

Cogo uses best-in-class climate models and methodology to provide accurate ways to measure carbon emissions specific to each local market they operate in combined with cutting-edge behavioural science techniques to nudge customers to make more sustainable choices. Building experiences that enhance engagement and increase return customer visits with cost and carbon savings to drive positive outcomes and impact.

Founded in 2016, Cogo operates in 12 countries across Europe, South East Asia, Australasia and North America (including the UK, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Singapore and Canada) and is looking to grow in South and Latin America, The Middle East and Africa.


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